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Why A Victim Of Police Brutality Chose Restorative Justice For The Cop

Incarceration, Death Penalty, and Criminal Justice

A Portland, Oregon, police officer released a video apology three years after beating a photojournalist who sought restorative justice.

At least 42 people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection to the Stop Cop City movement, and one person has been killed.

The US does not differentiate femicide from homicide, but prosecutors in Mexico are looking into 25-year-old Robinson's death as femicide.

Thousands of Alabama inmates are participating in a labor strike to draw attention to the cruel conditions behind bars.

Two Oklahoma death row inmates sought death by firing squad instead as an alternative to the three-drug lethal injection protocol

The executions of Black inmates Donald Grant in Oklahoma and Matthew Reeves in Alabama raised concerns, advocates told Insider.

Senghor spoke to Insider about incarceration the journey toward healing for victims, perpetrators, and communities.

Albert Corado told Insider the death of a 14-year-old last week reminded him of the 2018 police shooting of his own sister, Melyda.

The verdict of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and justice for Ahmaud Arbery, are the latest in a series of criminal cases exposing institutional racism.

The law adjusts qualified immunity — the defense that protects government officials from individual liability— for law enforcement.

Daryl Washington said Gabby Petito and Miya Marcano's cases gave "the world an opportunity to see some of the differences that you have" when it comes to police resources.

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