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"King's Rant" x Masego

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Uncle Sego is back with another Traphouse Jazz hit!

"King's Rant" was released on March 16, 2020 amidst the COVID-19 crisis that has many people practicing social distancing indoors--giving listeners a well-timed escape.

The feel-good track is a beautiful blend of horns, piano, and production that sounds like the meeting of backyard wind chimes and the ripples of raindrops in a pond.

The Sego-made genre of Traphouse Jazz is defined as "where ignorance meets elegance." This is what I assume "the garden" reference in the song is illuminating--his genius concoctions of jazz, soul, funk, R&B, and hip-hop, alongside his witty lyrics.

Somehow Masego perfectly mastered the braggadocious lyricism common in hip-hop without relying on the harmful hip-hop trinity of gangster-pimp-ho that Tricia Rose discusses in her book, "The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip Hop - And Why it Matters."

Some of my favorite lyrics are featured below:

Tadow, they be like "Tadow" Got a hunnid million people screamin' "Tadow"

Just in time for Sego's 2018 "Tadow" ft. FKJ to finally receive RIAA Gold Certification in February of 2020. Plus, who doesn't love a good "Tadow" reference?

So dont be talkin' 'bout "Masego is slept on" J Cole, Will Smith in my cell phone (Ooh)

I threw my phone across the room when I heard this. What a flex.

And if I feature on your track, you know that track is mine now You know I got the Drake effect, you know that it's my time now Name another nigga look as good as me, play like me I can't think of ten, I can't think of three

I mean...I see absolutely no lies.

Most of y'all just do it for the green I just made a lane and plant a tree

Traphouse Jazz for the win!!!

'Member that one time, K-Dot freestyled on my beat? (Legacy) I want no fame though

Talk yo shit, Sego!

Full lyrics available below.

Stream Masego's "King's Rant" now!

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